Tracking through analytics and the importance of UTMs

Presented by Ryan Gunn and Ian Shields

Date/Time: Available On Demand


In the current economic climate, executives are scrutinizing marketing budgets and asking the questions like, “What are the results of this spend?” or “Which channels are driving pipeline and revenue?” Marketers need to be able to answer those questions. But they can’t do so without a plan to track and measure the effectiveness of the Go-To-Market strategy.

Before marketers turn to expensive attribution software or dumping money into unproven channels, marketers can create a scalable and robust framework with link tracking and automation that can be built into most existing MAPs or CRMs.

What you will learn:

  • Track UTM parameters and marketing attribution to show the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Framework for implementing UTM tracking and marketing attribution into existing MAPs or CRMs.
  • Tips for optimizing UTM tracking to gain insights into which campaigns and channels are generating pipeline and revenue.
  • Leverage UTM tracking and marketing attribution to make informed decisions about where to allocate marketing resources and optimize your strategy for success.
  • Importance of a data dictionary to communicate what to measure, how, and when.