Measuring Marketing Campaigns with GA4

Presented by Julius Fedorovicius

Date/Time: Available On Demand


Are you struggling to find and use marketing campaign data in Google Analytics 4? Even though GA4 might already have that data, you can break your neck trying to locate it. Look no further than this informative Google Analytics 4 session to jump-start your understanding before GA3 gets deprecated!

Migrating to a new tracking platform can be stressful. Let’s reduce that through the session to learn how to effectively measure your marketing campaigns using GA4. Our expert Julius Fedorovicius will guide you through the process, show you how to make the most of this powerful tool, and, more importantly, help you navigate the GA migration.

What you will learn:

  • How to find and analyze your marketing campaign data in GA4 using the right parameters and dimensions.
  • How to manage UTM data in GA4 using UTM.io and match it with campaigns for better tracking and analysis.
  • How to create custom reports in GA4 and get deeper insights into your campaigns.
  • Tips and tricks for advertising reports to help you better understand the performance of your ads.