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What are UTM Templates?

UTM templates are preset combinations of UTM parameters that you can use again and again.

Why Use UTM Templates?

UTM Templates Save Time

  • Create combinations of UTM parameters
  • Directly use UTM templates instead of manually entering UTM parameters every single time

Create UTM Links in Bulk

  • Use a combination of UTM templates all at once
  • Create multiple links for different campaigns within seconds

How to Create and Use UTM Templates

Step 1

Create a UTM Template

  • Click on "create template"
  • Add the UTM template name
  • Add UTM parameters
  • Save for future use

Step 2

Use UTM Templates While Creating Links

  • While creating links, use UTM templates instead of entering details manually
  • Create links quickly and easily

Step 3

Use Multiple UTM Templates to Create Links in Bulk

  • Add multiple UTM templates at once
  • Create links for multiple campaigns and sources with one click

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