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Bulk Link Creation
  Consistent conventions and governance are essential for businesses to obtain the best true view of their analytics. Without standardized UTM parameters, data can become cluttered, making it difficult to identify which campaigns are driving and generating revenue. Using spreadsheets to manage UTM tags can be a tedious and error-prone process that can result in lost data and inaccuracies.
With a system like UTM.io, businesses can easily implement standardized conventions and governance. 

UTM Conventions and Governance


Creating links can be time-consuming, especially if you’re building the same link over and over again. With the Link Builder, you can save your link setups as templates, making it even easier to build new links. You can also see a preview of your link parameters before generating it, so you can make sure everything is correct.

➜ Supports any taxonomy and conventions.

➜ Streamlines link creation to reduce training and errors.

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Connected Workspace and Rules

Connected to a workspace, where you can manage your link settings and share information with your team. Ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of errors. User rules can also be set to ensure that the correct parameters are used for each link, making it even easier to build your links the right way.

➜ Enforce lowercase uppercase, spaces, etc

➜ Prohibit characters and symbols.

➜ Require, lock, hide, and validate specific parameters and attributes.

Link Attributes

Say goodbye to generic UTM links and hello to personalized, dynamic links with customizable link attributes. Easily add details like expiration dates, custom labels, and target audience notes to your UTM links, for a more targeted, data-driven approach to your marketing.

➜ Customizable attributes beyond the standard UTM parameter values.

➜ Increase analysis effectiveness with a more targeted, data-driven approach.

➜ Better control over links for better identification and control.

Dynamic Variables

Enhance your UTM links with Dynamic UTM Variables, populated with values based on attributes or the UTM.io Dynamic Library. Gain deeper insights with detailed analytics through additional information to enhance your capabilities.
  • Personalize your UTM links with dynamic values.
  • Track user behavior for deeper insights.
  • Pass through additional information to enhance tracking.
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UTM & Custom Parameters

Take your link tracking to the next level with UTM.io’s Enhanced Link Parameters. Beyond the standard UTM parameters, create and and customize additional URL parameters to suit your unique business tracking needs.

➜ Customizable URL parameters and values for tracking specific business requirements.

➜ Increased tracking capabilities.

➜ Flexibility and precision through organized, managed parameters.

UTM Parameter Groupings

UTM.io’s groupings simplify the link creation process by allowing users to organize and categorize their parameters, ensuring consistent usage of values across different campaigns.

➜ Grouping feature for easy organization of UTM parameters.

➜ Streamlined process for consistent usage of values across different campaigns.

➜ Time-saving solution for managing UTM parameters.

User Roles

Easily set different levels of access and permissions for users within your organization to ensure only authorized team members can view, edit, or delete links, templates, and workspaces.

➜ Customizable user access levels to ensure appropriate access.

➜ Enhanced security and control with role-based access.

➜ Streamlined team management with the ability to delegate specific rules.

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