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Download UTM.io’s Chrome extension to create and share UTM links within seconds.

Download UTM Chrome Extension

Quickly Create UTM Links and Track All of Your Online Content

The UTM.io chrome extension is a useful tool that lets you:

Create UTM Links Quickly

  • Create customized links for each piece of content
  • Create Google Analytics URLs with your team
  • Use templates and bulk create features to save time
  • Create multiple links within seconds using the UTM.io Chrome extension

Share on Multiple Platforms Directly From the UTM.io Chrome Extension

  • Share your content with a unique UTM link for each post
  • You can share content on social media or any other online platform with ease
  • Share directly from the pages you visit

Track and Measure Your Content’s Performance

  • Keep a track of all of your UTM links from a single dashboard
  • Track the number of clicks for each UTM link
  • Measure the performance of each piece of content

Designed to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns’ Efficiency

The UTM.io Chrome extension helps improve your team’s productivity by providing a plethora of benefits, including:

Time Savings

  • Create links in bulk
  • Share from anywhere
  • Use UTM templates


  • Manage everything from your UTM.io Chrome extension
  • Create and share links in seconds

Efficiency Improvement

  • Replace messy spreadsheets with an organized dashboard
  • Set campaign parameter policies to manage the campaign

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