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We’re thrilled to present a better and brighter version of, which we’ve been working hard to develop over the past year!

We have completely rebuilt to improve the product experience and accelerate feature development for our customers. Let’s look at the behind-the-scenes updates that will make things more reliable and easier for us to deliver the new features you ask for faster. We have:

  • Improved our infrastructure for more reliable service at scale.
  • Implemented a new frontend that allows us to ship new features faster.
  • Enabled faster and more reliable addition and verification of custom domains.

We’re also excited to announce some new features and improvements that make it easier for you to efficiently build, manage, sync, and share your UTM links. Here’s a quick overview of all our new features and product updates.

Bulk Link Creation

You can now bulk create multiple UTM links on any paid plan (startup or higher). This feature allows you to generate many links using the same settings.

Bulk UTM link creation

Live Dynamic Variable Preview

You can now see a live preview of your parameter value when using dynamic variables.

This feature helps you to quickly confirm the output of your dynamic variable code is what you intended it to be.

You can learn more about using dynamic variables (random strings or numbers) at our knowledge center.

live dynamic variable preview

Character Counters

We’ve added a character counter for all UTM parameters in the builder. You now can see the character count even when using dynamic attributes.

character counter

Multiselect and Bulk Delete Parameters and Attributes

You can now select multiple parameters or attributes at once and delete them in bulk with the click of a button.

As an Admin user on your account, you can now save a lot of time when organizing parameters on your dashboard.

Drag-and-Drop to Rearrange Columns for Parameters and Attributes

You can now quickly rearrange the order of columns in your parameter or attributes list by simple drag and drop.

As an Admin user on your account, you can now save a lot of time when organizing parameters on your dashboard and the link builder.

The best part of this feature is that the order in which you choose to re-arrange your parameters reflects the order of the fields in your link builder. In essence, you can personalize your experience to prioritize filling out the most important values when you are creating UTM links.

Drag and Drop to Rearrange Columns

Wrap & Unwrap link field

Before, when you create a UTM link, you either copy it to a doc, head to your links dashboard or scroll to the side in the preview field to see the entire length of the link.

We’ve improved the user experience and made it easy for you to unwrap the link field to see the full length of the link you’ve created right in the builder.

Wrap and Unwrap Links

Pretty Names for Parameters and Attributes

This update allows you to designate “pretty names” to your parameters and attributes.

In the new and improved platform, you can use “pretty names” to clarify what specific parameter or attribute values mean to your team members.

pretty name

Assign workspace rules when inviting users in one step

Before now, admin users had to add workspace rules after inviting a user, which we admit was confusing, and admins often forget to do it.

We’ve made it intuitive to assign rules to multiple workspaces when inviting users in a single step.

Assigning Workspace rules

New Rule Attribute: Unique

We’ve added a new rules attribute that allows you to force the values of parameters within a workspace to be unique.

The new “unique” rule helps eliminate duplication of parameter values within the same workspace.

For example, if you have an existing campaign parameter as “april_campaign”, this “unique” rule would ensure no one on your team can create another campaign parameter with the same name.

New Rule Attribute

Color-coded Parameters in the bulk builder

You can now add color codes to attributes or parameters when using multiple templates on any paid plan whenever you bulk create links.

This feature is helpful to differentiate the attributes or parameters across multiple links visually.

color coded parameters

Automatic Template Updates

From now on, when you change the value of a parameter or attribute, the templates using it will automatically update to reflect your changes.

Now, if you rename a parameter or attribute, all your templates using it will also be updated. We also take care to update your dynamic variable expressions referring to it.

Free link Shortener

We’ve added a new and free link shortener — You can now freely transform your UTM Codes into short and memorable links.

We are very grateful for all of the amazing people who use to get their analytics data clean and accurate. If you have any feature ideas or want to see our roadmap you can visit our public trello board. You can also always reach us at 🙂

Welcome to a new and improved! Sign-up now to try these new features yourself.

Dan McGaw

Dan McGaw is an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of, a marketing technology and analytics agency, and the creator of, a campaign management and data governance tool. Named one of the godfathers of the marketing technology stack and one of original growth hackers, Dan has decades of experience in digital marketing, technology, and analytics. (His team won’t let him take this out even though he says it makes him sound old.)

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