How Do UTMs and UTM Conventions Actually Work?

Having a solid UTM parameters strategy is the cornerstone of successful measurement of your marketing activities. Unfortunately, many advertisers and marketers do not start out with a good plan when building their UTM tracking. 

There is no set structure that’s followed by the team so the data is messy and difficult, if not impossible, to stitch together and gain meaningful insights from. 

From basic UTM hygiene, to advanced UTM conventions, if you want to have reliable reporting to prove the success of your campaigns you need to have a solid plan before getting started. 

No one wants to spend hours rummaging through their advertising accounts or analytics platforms because they have to drill into every “campaign” to see the goal, product or targeting of that data set..

What we’ll be covering in 20 minutes, 

  • What are UTM tags & conventions?
  • Why are UTM Conventions so important? 
  • Best practices for UTM tagging with several examples of UTM conventions for different industries and goals
  • Common mistakes in UTM conventions 
  • Q&A